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Baby Silicone Feeding Set

Sale price£34.99
Colour: Rose Pink


A must-have for every parent seeking convenience, safety, and ease during mealtime. Designed with your baby's needs in mind, this feeding set is crafted from high-quality food-grade silicone material, ensuring that every bite your little one takes is safe and worry-free. With the ability to withstand extremely fast temperature changes, you can confidently freeze or microwave meals without any concerns.


  • Powerful Suction Cup: Say goodbye to spills and messes! This set comes with a strong suction cup, ensuring that even the most curious baby can't knock it over during mealtime.
  • Food-Grade Silicone Material: Rest assured that every bite your baby takes is safe and comfortable, thanks to the high-quality silicone material. It's gentle on delicate mouths and easy to clean.
  • Temperature Resistant: The set can withstand rapid temperature changes, so you can confidently use it in the freezer or microwave without any concerns.
  • Complete Feeding Solution: This set includes everything you need for feeding time: a plate, bib, cup, lid, bowls, silicone spoons, and wooden spoons.
  • Variety of Colours: Choose from a range of vibrant colours, including Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Sky Blue, and Yellow, to suit your style and preferences.

Set Includes: Plate, bib, bowl, cup with lid & straw, two spoons and two forks.